Our Team

Demonstrating Love in Action

Click each team members picture or Core Leadership Team to read more about their roles at Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine.

Core Leadership Team
US Team
Nancy Miller, Executive Director, top row, left.
Tim Miller, Financial Director, top row, center.
Margie Mach, Operations Director, top row, right.

Ukraine Team
Nadiya Siryk, National Director, bottom row, left.
Yana Voznuk, Administrative Assistant for Core Leadership Team, bottom row, center.
Sasha Gerasymchuk, Financial Director, bottom row, right.
Alex Brzhezitskyy served as National Director of Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine from 2002 to 2020. He helped to develop SMU into a broad based, dynamic organization. Alex’s degree in Business and his outgoing personality have drawn many into a relationship with SMU. He continues to lead tours for Americans seeking their Ukrainian roots.
Sasha Gerasymchuk has served as a bookkeeper for SMU for many years. As the Financial Director of SMU, Sasha brings a strong ability to coordinate all necessary financial responsibilities of SMU. Sasha will direct the business loan program as well as overseeing the finances of all SMU centers.
Yana Voznuk has demonstrated her abilities in administration, translation, teaching children and teens, as well as her gifts in journalism and photography. As the Assistant Director of SMU of the Leadership Team, Yana’s communications and technology skills are indispensable.

Nadiya Siryk became the Director of Pulyny Community Center and Widows’ Home in 2009 when the building first opened its doors to widows. Nadiya has built the center into a true hub for transforming the life of Pulyny. An outreach ministry to children and youth has resulted in the Samaritan lifestyle becoming a reality in the community. As the National Director of SMU, Nadiya brings strong organizational skills, and the ability to train and empower others to realize their God given potential.
Vika Brzhezytska’s expertise as a clinical psychologist brings hope and healing to many broken youth and adults. As Director of the Life Skills Center in Zhytomyr, Vika continues to develop a team of mental health professionals to meet the needs of the community by also offering parenting training and many other life skills desperately needed in Ukraine.
Vlacheslav and Tatiana Yukhymets, Directors of the Korosten Shelter, have faithfully cared for widows since 2006. Slav’s years as a pastor with a heart for hurting people brings solace and hope for the destitute widows in his care. Tatiana uses her skills in managing, nursing, directing and listening to the needs of the widows. Together they have created a haven for the widows.
Olga Propochuk, Director of the Medical Clinic in Neudorf, faithfully meets the medical and emergency needs in the villages where doctors and clinics are non-existent. Her caring spirit and listening ears convey hope and healing to many.
Artem Bertchuk, Director of Widows House in Pulyny, brings a pastor’s heart to the widows. His victory over addiction equips him to reach out to many in the community who are victims of addiction.
Sasha Gerasymchuk has served faithfully as the Financial Manager and bookkeeper for SMU. In the beginning Sasha was a volunteer but as SMU grew we recognized the need for Sasha to become part of SMU's staff.